Board of Education

Mission Statement

The Emerson Public Schools, in partnership with the community, will endeavor to provide a high standard of education in order to maximize the potential of all students.  It will provide a school climate that accepts all students of varying abilities, interests, and backgrounds.

The district is entrusted with the responsibility to provide students with a variety of learning experiences in a safe and supportive environment.  It will provide students with the essential tools to become skilled, knowledgeable, independent, and self-directed learners.

We strive to prepare and empower them for the demands of a more technologically advanced world as literate, ethical, contributing citizens.


The Board of Education is composed of five members, each elected from the community.  Collectively, the members, along with district administration, set policy and direction for the Emerson Public Schools.  In operations, the Board exerts a supervisory responsibility by certifying all contracts, payment of monies, and employment.  In planning, the Board  oversees the development of the districts' educational and co-curricular programs.

Each year, the Board and district administration engage in a strategic planning process to identify specific goals and objectives for the school district. These goals and objectives are tied directly to the annual budget.

Residents of Emerson are encouraged to attend Board of Education meetings.  If residents wish to speak to the Board, time is set aside during each monthly meeting for residents to present for discussion and issues or concerns.  A schedule is posted under the "Files" section below.  New Jersey's Sunshine Law requires that these meetings be held in public, with the exception of executive sessions. In an executive session, the Board may discuss (but not vote) on personnel matters, legal items, employee negotiations, security arrangements, and other confidential items as defined by the law.

  • Mrs. Ann Pressimone, President
  • Mr. Behrooz Pasdar, Vice President
  • Prof. Jeremy Teigen
  • Mr. Keith Smith
  • Mrs. Amy Mara
You can contact the Emerson Board of Education members via email at: BOE@emersonschools.orgPrior to contacting the Board of Education, community members are encouraged to review the following document (Click HERE). Experience has shown that most issues are resolved at the level closest to the situation itself. 
The Board of Education can also be reached by mail at:
Emerson Board of Education
133 Main Street
Emerson, NJ 07630