And here comes October

Emerson Public Schools enjoyed a strong start to the school year in September. Not only was it wonderful to fully welcome our students and staff back to our buildings, but we enjoyed our most traditional opening since September 2019. The ability to return to our regular schedules and expectations has served our school community well and September was noticeable for the positive energy and attention found throughout the district. To their credit, our principals have made good use of this time to offer a 'reset' to the expectations that are set for our students. Examples include punctuality, focusing on one's studies, and being sure to treat others well both in person and online. 

As I shared at the EJSHS Back to School Night, one thing that I have been thinking about is the 'Rip Van Winkle Effect' and our students. As we all know, the story of Rip Van Winkle had to do with a man who fell asleep for a long period of time and woke up to a brand new world. In my reflection about Emerson and its students, I've been thinking of the opposite. From what I've seen in the hallways, cafeterias, common areas, and classrooms that I've visited, if one were to have fallen asleep in February 2020 and woke up September 2022 he or she would struggle to see outward signs of the pandemic's effect on our students. This is a good thing as our students, as expected, have shown themselves to be resilient and capable of weathering that challenging time. This does not mean that all is well for everyone and gratefully we have a robust school counseling and support program to work with students and families who are struggling.

As we move into October, we can all take great pride in the start that we've enjoyed this year. Emerson, time and time again, continues to turn its time and attention to our students, and we look forward to what the future will bring.

Go Cavos!